MUSC Urban Farm and Dixie Plantation

I’ve been working at Dixie Plantation and volunteering at the MUSC Urban Farm since freshman year. I absolutely love the work that community members/college students and I get to do out there. Members of Cofc’s Farm and Garden Club get awesome hands-on opportunities to go out to Dixie Plantation to plant vegetables and learn about sustainable farming. This semester we were building beds and planting broccoli, radish, kale, and more! With each season, students learn about which food to grow and the different techniques to garden. We also prepped the land for spring semester because we are putting up a pollinator garden as soon as we get the chance. With that we do hope to install beehives on the property in the near future. Dixie plantation is 800 acres and a lot of it isn’t used for farming yet. After a few hours of working on the farm students are able to hike around the plantation and learn about the different water systems on land and the history of the plantation.

MUSC Urban Farm is another great place to learn about sustainable farming and gardening. While working there I also learned about many different ways to farm with however much space one may have. The farm members want to educate people on growing their own food and how beneficial it is. In order to educate community members even further the urban farm has a beehive, compost piles, and recycling/compost bins for trash. Visiting the beehive will make you want to start your very own and Carmen, farm director, can teach you how to start one up. The urban farm is a great place to learn about the many different ways people can have a sustainable life with the stuff they already have.

On both farms the main goal is to educate community members on how to live a sustainable life and how to grow your own food. When working on these farms, workers are given a free grocery trip afterwards! You can take home veggies that you pick. The rest of the harvested food is donated to neighborhood homes that are in need of natural foods so that nothing goes to waste.

3 thoughts on “MUSC Urban Farm and Dixie Plantation

  1. I have heard about the Dixie Plantation and have been wanting to take a trip out there with the garden club. That is really awesome that the land is being utilized to grow food and even more wonderful that soon there will be beehives! I also think the MUSC Urban Garden is so important for giving people the knowledge and hands on opportunity to learn how to grow food for themselves. I would love to take a trip out to both places soon!

  2. I have heard a lot about Dixie Plantation, it sounds like an awesome resource for students to learn and utilize for its outdoor experience. It is nice to know that you have been involved with the location since you were a freshman. I wish that when I was a freshman I would have known more about the plantation and what it had to offer. Also, if I could go back I would have joined the garden club the first day!

  3. I’m happy to hear that you have been involved with both of these places for so long! I’m sure you’ve gathered all kinds of useful knowledge over the years you can pass on to others.

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