Cowspiracy is a documentary exposing the horrors of the agriculture industry. It talks about how large-scale animal farming has huge negative effects on our environment. I think it is a great documentary to introduce people into one of the greatest environmental issues of our time. I really enjoyed this documentary because it helped me easily understand how our actions impact our environment and the big role that politics, media, and technology have on our society and the environment.

Cowspiracy talks about the major environmental issues being caused by the agriculture industry that are being ignored. This issue is not being talked about in our media or discussed by our politicians because of their financial incentives. Animal agriculture uses more than ten times the amount of water we use domestically and it produces over fifty percent of our greenhouse gages yet we continue to do nothing about it. Animal agriculture is unsustainable and we need to make a big change in our food industry before it’s too late.

This is a great documentary to introduce people to one our biggest environmental issues of our time. It makes it easy to understand the facts of how much we are consuming and what the effects of our consumption are. Most people do not know where their food is really coming from. This film makes it easy to track where our food is coming from and the big environmental impacts we make simply by our food choices. These documentary exposes key features of our food industry that are impossible to ignore once they are presented. This documentary makes the viewer want to further investigate our food industries and our political system.

Cowspiracy also helps to develop critical thinking skills about our human relationship with the environment. As humans, we fail to realize that without the environment we would be nothing. We get everything we need from our environment. Our earth provides us with food, shelter, and money. We cannot keep taking from the environment and giving nothing back. Our planet does not have an infinite amount of resources and we are driving them to depletion. This documentary helped me think about how important my connection with the earth is and how my every day choices can make a huge difference. Although one person is not enough to save the planet, this film is a great start to getting people to be aware of our current reality. This documentary does a really good job at sharing critical information and showing us that we need to think more deeply when making our every day choices.

Cowspiracy also shows how much of an impact politics, the economy, and the media play in our everyday lives. One of our main political parties including our presidential candidate, do not even believe that climate change is real. This shows how disconnected we have become from our planet and from our core values. Politics, the media, and the economy are the reasons why animal agriculture continues to be one of the biggest industries and why we continue to deplete our planet of its resources. It also shows how financial incentives can also get industries to make a switch to more sustainable products. We need people to become aware and to bring exposure to these systems and begin to question the role they play in our lives.

The environmental effects from animal agriculture are massive. As we see in the documentary Cowspiracy, industries will not switch to sustainable products unless they are financially motivated. Our entire food industry is destroying the planet and bringing animals that have been around for centuries to extinction. Animal agriculture is destroying our land, our rainforests, and our oceans. There is no possible way that the earth can continue to sustain our demands for animal products. We need to completely change our food consumption habits and switch to sustainable food. It is our responsibility to put our environment first and start making changes in our food industry, the political system, and the media. This film fortified my beliefs and personal choices to follow a mainly vegan diet and I think it would make other people consider their personal choices too.