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There is a local bar and grill down the road from me known as DIG 17A. They are a super popular spot- if you are ever in the Moncks Corner area you should stop by! I know a few people that work at DIG, and so I got curious to how sustainable they were operating. They are in the process of still getting all their operations in order, but one thing that stuck out to me was their outdoor bar. I am not sure if you can tell, but that old shipping container has been remodeled into an outdoor bar! Super cool- definitely worth a pop in just too see how well they did!


When talking to their employees, that is one thing they all mentioned- how they used a recycled shipping container instead of building an entire new building. Now, for them, it was more of an economic decision. When thinking of the Triple Bottom Line, this was the economical aspect. They are saving money, and costing large metal incorporations money, but recycling shipping containers which is an awesome idea! However, when I was talking to them, I couldn’t help but think about the environmental aspect of the Triple Bottom Line. Recycling an old shipping container is so economically efficient, but it also has such a major environmental impact. Not only are you saving it from eventually not being able to be used and disposing of it improperly, but you are also saving huge manufacturers, such as in the steel industry, from producing materials. For every shipping container that is used, 7716 pounds of steel are stopped from being produced. This is saving SO much air pollution and depletion of fossil fuels from occurring, and is a major positive impact on our environment! I actually thought that is effort played a major role in the social aspect of Triple Bottom Line. If they are coming up with such big environmentally just ideas then the town will follow. Moncks Corner is a small community, so if someone comes up with a great idea the rest will follow. It only takes one advocate to create change! One thing that I suggested to them was to recycle! I am working on that too, but it is such an important aspect of contributing to environmentally.


Hope to see y’all there!


Below is some more information on shipping containers, and some neat home plans, too!




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