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Sustainable Living

This video outlines the way students at the island school learn to live sustainability. Not only are they being taught to live sustainably but are physically a part of making the island school a sustainable place. This video is from the perspective of the students themselves charing their experiences and the roles they have on campus that help make the island school sustainable. The lifestyle at the island school is a very simple one that values nature and community greatly. Not only is the island school trying working on making their campus more sustainable everyday but they are working to help the whole island of Eleuthera learn from what goes on at the school and implement small sustainable efforts in their homes and within their families.

The video begins sharing how the water on campus works. It is collected in cisterns from the rain where it is used for cooking, drinking, showering, etc. The aquaponics system is where water is fertilized by fish and then filtered and used in the campus gardens. All lettuce that is served for lunch and dinner is grown on campus. The water then is filtered back into the aquaponic tanks and the cycle continues. The water is never wasted. The students then share about how they compost and about the campus farm. The compost is giving to the pigs and chickens on the farm and used in the soil. No food goes wasted, and the chickens produce the eggs that are consumed in the dinning hall.

Plastic is a huge problem on Eleuthera as mentioned in the video, it cost a lot of money to recycle the plastic as it has be to shipped off island. The students are experimenting with how they can reuse the plastic on campus to produce rule. This is a newly innovation that the students have brainstormed and are now implementing. The best thing about the island school is that all the wonderful things they do are things that students from previous semesters have come up with and as time goes on they are improved and implemented once perfected. Ideas at the island school are very rarely just tossed to the side. This place really takes every idea into consideration and does all they can as a community to make Eleuthera a more sustainable place.


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One thought on “Sustainable Living

  1. prof.saunders

    The bit at the end about the plastic was really fascinating. I wonder what other innovative ways people are coming up with to upcycle “trash”. Thanks for sharing!

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