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Vegan Outreach

So as president of the Vegan Club at the College of Charleston, my main responsibility is to advocate and enhance student’s education regarding veganism and its benefits and how it relates to sustainability. One event that I host is Vegan Outreach. Vegan Outreach is a nonprofit organization working to end violence towards animals. They seek a future when sentient animals are no longer exploited as commodities.This organization comes to college campuses and pass out fliers while using virtual reality. The purpose of the fliers is to make people aware of what they are eating with educational tips on how to become vegan and what veganism actually means. The virtual reality aspect of the event gives people an “in person” feel and a 3D vision of where their food is sourcing from. Even though the footage is very graphic and heartbreaking, the purpose of the screenings were successful. People cried. Its amazing how people are not educated on the horrors of factory farming. Although the fliers and virtual reality touched the hearts of most, there were still people that simply just did not care. Some people did not even have an emotional response. I even often times saw the fliers in the trashcan or tossed on the side of the road. Although I understand that some people do not care, It baffles me that people do not want to at least understand and know what goes in their bodies. This is what the Vegan Club aims to advocate. We advocate and educate people on animal abuse, the health benefits of veganism, and the environmental aspects veganism effects. We offer free food, free documentary screenings, potluck styled events,field trips to farm sanctuaries, and events such as Vegan Outreach. We love seeing people getting a different perspective on food and meeting new people!


If anyone is interesred in potentially joining the club or attending some of our events email the club email at cofcvegan@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook at Cofc Vegan club or Instagram @CofcVeganClub

We welcome vegans, non vegans, and veggie curious people and provide accommodations to everyone! 

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  1. pelletiermr

    I really appreciate your efforts in educating others on veganism and the factory process most of our food goes through. While I’m still working everyday to decrease my habits of eating and using animal-products, I hope to one day be free of them forever! My roommates and I all want to come to a vegan potluck sometime in the future, we’re really interested in learning more. As for the people who don’t care, I think they just haven’t let themselves believe all the horrible things that go into our foods, and the things that happen to the animals yet. Keep educating and promoting your lifestyle, I admire you and will definitely be following the club/attending events in the future!

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