What’s Cookin’ ?

Good evening ya’ll! My post is about my new found love for cooking and whole food plant-based meals! Professor Saunder’s boyfriend really inspired this interest – I began looking up recipes right after the lecture on Tuesday. I found a website: http://forksoverknives.com, where I found numerous recipes to help me transition to a whole-food, plant-based diet. So far I have cooked/prepared four meals including the ones shown below and Apple Oat Pancakes (yum). I have been pleasantly surprised at how the meals have turned out because I’m a newbie at best when it comes to cooking, but the recipes are so outrageously delicious that it’s hard to mess up. One cool thing is that Forks over Knives has even gotten me to consume Apple Cider Vinegar, a product I never thought I would swallow due to the smell alone.

I highly recommend checking out what a whole-food, plant-based diet has to offer if you haven’t already. http://forksoverknives.com is a great place to begin because the recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are conveniently listed for each meal. In addition, there is a documentary on Netflix titled Forks Over Knives that should be interesting to watch, I know I’m going to. Enjoy the pictures I captured from tonight and let me know if you plan to get cooking, maybe we can together! 🙂

Sweet potato with chick pea chili! 

Raw Apple Crumble cake from Forks Over Knives! SOOO GOOD

Gina helped cook tonight’s dinner 🙂 Friends make it so much easier.


Here’s What I’ve Made So Far:






Thank you:)