Personal Change (extra credit)

The homework activity that was assigned towards the beginning of the semester really helped me understand how individuals, including myself, can sometimes be wasteful of our resources. The activity required the class to calculate our ecological footprint and reflect on it, which really opened my eyes as to how my daily and weekly habits can impact the world. When I calculated my footprint, I received a score of 4.3 global hectares, which was significantly different compared to the ecological footprint of 1.7 global hectares available per person. The activity displayed that if everyone were to live the same lifestyle as me, we would need approximately two and a half earths. After completing the activity and discovering how high my ecological footprint is compared to our current global hectares, I felt that it was very crucial to consider things that I could do differently in order to live a more sustainable life. I noticed that one problem that could be improved is the amount of trash/waste that I produce. It’s normal for my roommate and I to fill three trash cans that are about one foot each, every week. The trash that we create tend to be things that can be recycled such as plastic, cardboard, and paper. I still struggle with recycling since our garbage room in our dorms doesn’t have a recycling bin. Therefore, the things that can be recycled winds up in the trash bag with other wastes. However, recycling is easier when I am home because we have two separate garbage cans outside, one for waste and the other for recycling. I also produced a great deal of trash from going out to eat and bringing to-go boxes back into the room. Yet, I can say that I have improved in this area. I hardly eat out as much as I use to, and if I do I try to make a tendency to finish my food. I also reflected that I use way too much energy than what is necessary. I am not always mindful of how much energy/power I am using in school and also at home. My mom always tells me that I have every light on in the house! It is very common for me to turn on the lights when they are not needed. I also have a tendency to leave the television on, while I am not in the room. I really need to work monitoring the amount of energy that I use in my dorm room and while I am home from school. I plan to make a routine and write reminders in order to limit my usage. This way I am making myself aware of things that can be unplugged and turning off appliances that I am not using at the moment. I love the natural sunlight, so it motivates me to turn off the lights and let the sun shine in. This course makes me realize how my lifestyle can really impact the world! It inspires me to make changes in my life that will result in positive benefits.

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  1. Best of luck with all of these habit changes! They can be hard at first, but will make you feel better in the long-run. 🙂

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