Documentary Review- What Happened to Monday (extra credit)

A few weeks ago, trying to pass time, I found an interesting movie on Netflix. There had also been post on Facebook mentioning that it was a great movie to watch, so I decided to watch it. The name of the movie is What Happened to Monday written by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson and directed by Tommy Wirkola. The movie is a dystopian science fiction thriller, which depicts the issue of overpopulation that is occurring in some countries. The film begins in the year of 2043, a time where overpopulation has caused a crisis worldwide. In order to confront this issue, the Child Allocation Bureau, implemented a strict one-child policy! The film can be very gruesome because it depicts how the issue of overpopulation should not be addressed in a way. If multiple children are born to one mother, each child except for the oldest, are pried away from their mother and siblings. They are then kept in a holding room located in the Bureau’s facility, until they are put into a modified cryosleep and incinerated. I believe that the Bureau’s initiative to implement a one-child policy was acceptable, however how these children were taken and processed was not an appropriate way to deal with the issue. A set of identical septuplet sisters are born, however their mother died by giving birth leaving their grandfather to raise them. Their grandfather names them after the days of the week, and they only leave the house on the day of their name. Also, each sibling must comply with the one identity that they are given, Karen Settman. They all wear the same wigs, makeup, and clothing every day. In order for the siblings to keep up their one-person identity, they arrange group meetings every afternoon to share information from what occurred that day. Mysteriously, one day a sibling doesn’t return home, which is very unusual! The siblings become very worried that someone has finally figured out that there is more than one of them. They have to find out what happened to Monday, without being caught by the Bureau. Yet, the Bureau finally discovers that they all have been acting as the same individual. Therefore, they try to eliminate each one. While trying to find Monday, a number of events occur throughout the film leaving Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dead. In my opinion, I found that this film was very interesting. Towards the end Thursday learns that Monday is the cause of all the commotion because she decided to work for the Bureau in order to live a better life. Monday also reveals that she is pregnant with twins, which was also another factor for turning against her siblings. It grabbed my attention in the beginning because it mentioned how over population was affecting the world. Since this topic was mentioned in class, I wanted to continue to watch to see how the authors would present the concept in the movie. However, I didn’t approve of the way that the film portrayed dealing with this issue. I felt as if there could’ve been another way, that wasn’t so gory, to solve the problem.



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  1. Since you brought it up in class, I also watched it and thought it was intense! Maybe you could put “SPOILER ALERT” at the beginning of this post? 😉

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