Required work for the course includes careful reading of all assigned material and active participation in class discussions. Please come to class prepared with questions and comments about the assigned reading for each day—the success of the course depends on your involvement.

You will write 4 short essays in the class, each around 750 words long. These essays will mostly ask you to provide close readings of texts. I will give you more information about each paper, including written assignment sheets, well in advance of their due dates.

The course includes a mid-term and a final exam. The exams will ask you to synthesize information you’ve learned in class.

Class Blog
In order to make sure you keep up with the reading and in preparation for in-class discussion, I will ask you to comment on our class blog 12 times throughout the semester. For every day that we have new reading, I will provide several prompts to get you started thinking. You may respond to one of the prompts if you like, but you may also respond to other students’ comments, or to anything else that interests you in the work. Blog posts must be at least 150 words to receive full credit for the day, and they must be posted before class discussion for the day. Blog posts will not receive letter grades, but you will receive credit for the number of comments you post, with 12 posts equaling 100%.

If I feel it’s necessary, I may give brief, unannounced reading quizzes during the semester. The quizzes will count as part of your participation grade.

Your final grade will be determined according to these percentages:

10%    Participation; Class Citizenship
15%    Class Blog
10%    Paper 1
10%    Paper 2
10%    Paper 3
10%    Paper 4
15%    Mid-Term Exam
15%    Final exam