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Alumni Spotlight: Marvin Conyers ’15

Posted by: murphys2 | February 10, 2020 | No Comment |

What do you enjoy most about being an educator?

As an educator, I enjoy seeing the AHA! moments when students learn new concepts or understand the connection of lessons to their own lives. I become elated when students see their own improvement after working to get to mastery. I also enjoy building relationships with students and their families because I truly believe that fostering a positive relationship with students will cultivate high achievement levels.

How do you feel your time and experiences at the College of Charleston has helped prepare you for your career?

The College of Charleston helped me prepare for my career in various ways. Through my education classes, I was able to build positive work relationships, understand what it really meant to have a safe and positive classroom culture, and learn have an open mind regarding education. My professors created safe, open environments, but still kept a high level of expectations. Every year, I reflect on my time as a student, so I can create the same atmosphere and culture in my classroom. Lastly, I became more open minded about what education means to myself, the school, and the community. Through various activities, studies, and projects, I grew to understand that as a teacher I must be open to what roles I need take as a teacher to improve student achievement. They say teachers wear multiple “hats” during a day. Believe me, that is definitely true!

What impact did the Call Me MISTER program have on you and your career?

Call Me MISTER had a profound impact on myself and my career. Before joining the program, I never had a teacher that looked like me. This program presented me with the opportunity to discuss best educational practices with similar men across the state. I was empowered to be a role model for students in the classroom because I was forced to reflect on my feelings and thoughts as a grade school student. Call Me MISTER increased my curiosity about various topics in education causing me to continuously stay abreast of innovative teaching practices, educational policies, and professional development opportunities.

What advice would you give to first year teachers?

I want to leave first year teachers with three things: Separate home and work, create a support system of educators, and remember students are people too. Setting up a good work and home balance will benefit you as a teacher. Creating an educational support system is important to your growth as an educator. Being a teacher can sometimes be isolating, so having a group of like-minded individuals to talk to, does wonders. Also, remember that students are people too. Make sure you take the time to learn who students are holistically. People thrive on relationships and your students will be no different. Be sure to create positive relationships with all students. Knowing that you are in their corner will motivate them to succeed.

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