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FitCatZ Therapy Program Impacts the Charleston Community

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“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.” – Robert M. Hensel

Searching to get involved in a program that makes a difference? FitCatZ has an enormous impact on our community, helps participants set and achieve goals, and provides an invaluable learning experience for College of Charleston students.

FitCatZ is a one-on-one aquatic and motor therapy program for children with physical, intellectual, behavioral, and emotional disabilities. Interested students at CofC become trained clinicians who work to make participants more efficient movers in a fun, safe environment.

Seniors or graduate students can apply to become a group leader where they help with the administration of the program. As opposed to working one-on-one with a participant, group leaders assist all FitCatZ children and clinicians.

Liam Zevgolis ’20, a sociology major, started his involvement with FitCatZ during his first year at CofC when he took the First Year Experience course associated with the program, Special O.P.S. Therapy Tactics.

“FitCatZ helps prepare you for life and equips you with a wide range of knowledge. Not only do you learn about the children’s disabilities, but you also learn how to connect with the participants and help them achieve their goals. If you are interested in a career involving children with disabilities, there is no better program to participate in. The children involved in the program gain a lot from FitCatZ as well by developing new skills and a greater comfort level.

Liam working with his participant

As a group leader, I love being able to work with all of the FitCatZ children and help the new clinicians. I enjoy teaching people how to use our equipment, coming up with games, and helping our clinicians create better lesson plans for their assigned participant.”

Sophia Razzi ’21 is an exercise science major with an interest in pediatric physical therapy. She began her journey with FitCatZ during her first year as well. She is now a group leader along with Liam and has truly enjoyed her experience.

“FitCatZ provides hands-on experiences for students that simulate numerous roles and responsibilities of pediatric physical and occupational therapists. Many participants and their families return each year because they notice the significant progress being made while having fun. I have enjoyed establishing a bond with each child and seeing their growth each week.

Being a group leader has allowed me to take on many additional responsibilities like creating group games, leading group meetings, and providing feedback to the student clinicians. I believe my most important responsibility is ensuring the children and clinicians are safe and have fun!”

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – AA Milne

See the program in action below and by following @fitcatz on Facebook!

Want to get involved? Apply to be a clinician or participant!

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