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for black boys with depression

I am approaching this project from the creative avenue. I plan on writing my own choreopoem about a queer black experience. The term “choreopoem” was coined by Ntozake Shange and combines aspects of poetry, and stage plays. I was inspired by Ntozake Shange and her choreopoem “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow […]

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Please Read Thee Fine Print

Did you know that Jo made a hybrid? Something about being versatile that makes the world go round and round. Because you simply spin me. And Manson ain’t quite Manson no more. Whatever happened to cults? Did the weather get too cold or clout? There’s something to this language stuff. A rhetorical flourish, an ornamental […]

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Find A Grift

Feeling sad?—Take Lexapro or pray. The church kicked me out.—I guess the minister shouldn’t have been so obvious. Writers block?—Be an elitist and use useless rhetoric. Everybody upset with form.—Relax, they’re always going to rhyme. Can’t find no peace in D.C.?—Try being black. Constant recalls, variants, social unrest, and reality television.—Thank God for the Kardashians. […]

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“Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave”

He thinks about that unholy clandestine way He met that young man in the fray Of nightclubs, and deleted apps That married man is a hapless sap And he goes home at the end of the day To lie to his wife in all caps But morning will come and eventually noon When you’re a […]

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Sermon for They

The first angel sounded And there followed hail And fire mingled with blood And the blood was black And the blood was black and forgotten And the blood became The pure river of water of life   The revelation was a lie The revelation was a sin The revelation was a gun And out from […]

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Looking At Nature In Cross, South Carolina

Three loblollies stand as thrones Of former monarchs, And there through the leaves of grass A copperhead moves. Sap, pollen, and singed fields Of forgotten crops sting the nose hairs. A shiplap dull colored house holds Hard the secrets of knowing. The well is full and pushes out With overflow. I have never known my […]

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A walk down Charity Church Rd— Swampy, muggy, humid came two dogs Atlas, and Phantom—they sent for me. They told me lurid fantasies, and ecstasies, Fakesies, makesies, takesies and backsies Phantom heard a rumor from Prohibition about the Fastidiously boring art at the Gibbes. Convention Sometimes found company with artists. I might be cancelled for […]

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It’s there, and you try not to think about it the quickness of uncertainty, or pause before thought, before speech   It happens, daily darkness and cretonne plush scam of formaldehyde charlatans   but we do it cause no one want to die tacky   Hell, I don’t really want, to die at all   […]

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Dead Bill in the Trunk of an El Camino

Dead Bill in the Trunk of an El Camino 1 I found it worthwhile to lie about that dead man decaying Inside the trunk of my abandoned El Camino. On a lost corner of my property cloaked by sylvan majesty A body lay bound by the finest Saffiano calfskin leather— Because even dead bitches got […]

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