Dr. Jim Bowring’s Research Selected for Publication in Quaternary Geochronology

Dr. Jim Bowring

The Department of Computer Science is excited to announce Dr. Jim Bowring’s research, “Data Reporting Standards for Publication of U-series data for Geochronology and Timescale Assessment in the Earth Sciences,” was selected for publication in the science journal, Quaternary Geochronology.  


Uranium-series data provide essential dating and tracer tools for a broad spectrum of geologic processes. Data reported in U-series geochronology studies often contain insufficient information to completely assess the data collected. It is frequently not possible to calculate a date using the information provided or to re-calculate using different parameters, ultimately limiting the value of the data. The decay constants used are particularly important in that some of the relevant U-series isotopes have been revised. Here we provide a rationale for a minimum set of required data that will enable most calculations and facilitate later data comparisons. Along with these data reporting norms, we discuss additional metadata that will improve understanding of the data and also enhance the ability to re-interpret and assess them in the context of other studies. We posit that these recommendations will provide a foundation for increasing the longevity and usefulness of measurements in the discipline of U-series geochronology.

Full Manuscript

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