Student Spotlight: Maz Little, Research Accepted at International Conference for Internet Technology & Secured Transactions

Congratulations to Maz Little for the acceptance of his research, “Temporal Resource Scheduling Equity,” to be presented at the 11th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST).  The conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from December 5-7, 2016.  Little will present remotely and will be published in the IEEE digital library.

Little works in Dr. Aspen Olmsted’s lab, Secure Data Engineering (SDE) Cyber Security Lab. The SDE Cyber-Security Lab develops secure algorithms and architectures for enterprise systems.  Cyber-Security is about Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.  The lab’s provides correctness and availability guarantees for distributed systems, cloud platforms and mobile solutions.  Graduate and undergraduate students work together in the lab developing novel solutions to today’s cyber-security issues.

ICITST is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of theory and practical implementation of secured internet transactions and to fostering discussions on information technology evolution. The ICITST aims to provide a highly professional and comparative academic research forum that promotes collaborative excellence between academia and industry.  

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