Interested in Combining Computing with Communication? Announcing a New Computing in the Arts Concentration, Digital Media!

The Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston is excited to announce the new Digital Media concentration in Computing in the Arts (CITA).

Starting in the Fall 2016 semester, students can enroll in the Digital Media concentration to study how to synthesize computing with visual art and communication.  Students will obtain knowledge in principles of graphic design, animation, computer programming, video, and more.  A large portion of time is spent on projects, with the intention of developing career-oriented skills and a portfolio to be used for job interviews.  

The Digital Media concentration includes a new course, CITA 140 “Graphic Design and Digital Media”.  This course is an introduction to computer programming related to image generation and applying graphic design principles to digital media.  Other courses focus on art history, website design and development, computer graphics, and communication principles.

This Digital Media concentration addresses on-going student demand and industry trends.  “It is exciting that a student with an interest in an area such as graphic design can parlay that interest into a degree that combines the richness of several disciplines,” stated Senior Instructor, Christine Moore.  As one of the instructors involved in the curriculum design, Moore expects that “graduates of the digital media concentration will be well-equipped to help meet the demands in this dynamic career field.”  Graduates will be qualified for computer-based careers in art and design, including digital animator, graphic designer, website content developer, art director, public relations/marketing specialist, etc.

The Digital Media concentration builds upon existing unique course in computer animation, which tightly integrates hands-on production with coding to generate novel visual effects.  Students will also have the opportunity to create works for emerging forms of media including greenscreen virtual sets and virtual reality in the Virtual Production Lab.

“We are really excited to finally have this new CITA concentration in place,” stated Bill Manaris, the CITA Program Director.  “This is something that has been in the works for a long time, and now with the Clemson Digital Production Arts MFA in town (which is seeking our graduates), and companies like Moondog Animation (that provide internships for our students), we are poised to serve a critical education and market niche.  Our graduates will be prepared for competitive jobs around the country and abroad.  This new concentration will provide them with lifelong skills on how to combine computing (including, and most importantly, future technologies — yet to be developed) with artistic creativity and critical thinking in the visual domain.  This is a great moment.”

Along with digital media, art, music, and theater are additional concentrations offered to students through the CITA program.  For more information about the Computing in the Arts program, please visit