Interested In Getting Your Masters In Analytics And Data Science? Announcing A Joint 4+1 Program In Data Science And Analytics With The University Of San Francisco

The College of Charleston, School of Sciences and Mathematics, is honored to announce a cooperation agreement with the University of San Francisco (USF), College of Arts and Sciences, to offer a joint 4+1 program featuring data science and analytics.  

The 4+1 program will provide The College of Charleston Data Science graduates priority admission into the University of San Francisco Master of Science in Analytics Program (MSAN).  Offered in downtown San Francisco, USF’s one-year MSAN Program trains students to scrape, process, organize, and analyze large data sets to identify patterns and trends.  The program delivers rigorous training in the mathematical and computational techniques of big data.  100% of MSAN students are employed within three months of graduation at companies such as Google, Williams-Sonoma, General Electric Software, Capital One Labs, and Uber.  

The institutions believe that mutual cooperation will strengthen the learning experience at both institutions, more fully prepare students for lives and leadership roles in a multicultural world, and contribute to the understanding and appreciation of data science and analytics.

To qualify for priority admission, data science students must have a 3.6 GPA in the data science major, submit a formal application to the MSAN program, provide a recommendation by the Data Science Program Director, and pass an interview with the Director of the MSAN Program.  USF will provide qualified students with a waived MSAN application fee and GRE requirement, and will offer a three-unit scholarship to offset the cost of the MSAN boot camp.

For more information about the 4+1 program, please contact Dr. Paul Anderson, Data Science Program Director, or visit: Data Science website.