Her Campus Media: Seeking Writers

With Who:  Her Campus Media, at CofC

Location:  Charleston, SC

Position Summary:  Her Campus is an online magazine written solely by collegiate female writers where we share advice, laugh, and learn along the way.

Being part of Her Campus means being part of 300 national and international chapters with connections to strong and inspired women. Her Campus at the College of Charleston is excited to welcome many new members this year! We are looking for current CofC students of all majors who are interested in writing, public relations, and events. As a feature writer on the editorial team, you will be responsible for well-written, well-reported articles based entirely on a topic of your choice. You’ll be expected to submit at least two articles a month (although flexibility is allowed) and attend bi-weekly meetings. We’ll also host events for you to participate in throughout the school year. This opportunity will improve your writing and communication skills as well as provide writing samples that you may need in the future! Not to mention you’ll find the best Girl Gang at CofC.

Apply (or request more information):  Apply at forms.gle/64iw6QagBqKvFo6b9. If you have any questions, please contact our CCs, Claire Delano and Corey Chamberlain, at hc.cofc@hercampus.com.

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