A Day in the Life in Spain by: Sydney Anderson

A typical day in the life while living in Spain is something that I never want to forget. I wake up around 9am, and I head downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast is fairly small consisting of coffee, fruit, bread, and maybe a yogurt. My host mom is usually in the kitchen waiting for me, so we will enjoy our coffee together. I then go back upstairs to get ready for school and gather my things. I head out of the door around 10:15am, and make my way up the hill to La Coria where our classes are held. I will occasionally make it a pit stop at my favorite cafe called Cafe de Trujillo on a street right off of the Plaza de Mayor. I will pick up napolitana de chocolate, which is basically a chocolate croissant and continue to class. The hill to La Coria is no joke, and you will walk straight up to get there. After stopping a time or two to catch my breath, I make it to La Coria. Every school day we have a 30 minute cafe time as a group to catch up, drink coffee, and snack on pastries. Then I have class for about 2 and a half hours before we are let go to go home for lunch. Everyone in Spain leaves school or work to go home and enjoy lunch together. I make my way back down the hill and home to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. Lunch is the biggest and most important meal of the day. We eat at 2:30pm everyday like clockwork! One of my favorite lunches is either seafood paella or Potaje de Garbanzo, which is a chickpea stew. After lunch is my favorite part of Spanish culture which is siesta, or nap time! Once I wake up from my nap, if I don’t have another class I will enjoy coffee and a chocolate with my host family around 6pm. Then I’ll usually do a bit of homework or take a walk around town until around 9:30pm or 10pm when we eat dinner. Dinner is another smaller meal but always delicious. After dinner, my friends and I usually meet up at a restaurant in the Plaza for tapas and good conversation. These are my

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