Three Things to Know About Studying Abroad in Sevilla by Marley Lucas

 The welcoming people, delicious food, and beautiful sights make Sevilla a highly attractive study abroad destination. I have spent my Fall 2019 semester here and I am in love with it. Here are a few things you should know about Sevilla that you probably won’t find online.

Sevilla is a great city to experience Spanish culture

Sevilla is known for its rich culture and diversity. This is one of the main reasons I chose to study here. It is a melting pot of the 3 religious groups Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Each has contributed and shaped the way the city is today. Their impact is reflected in the food, architecture, and art. Among another unique things, Sevilla is a more traditional city which means they practice many Spanish customs. For example, closing during siesta hour or all businesses being closed on Sunday. Which leads me to my next point.

EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday

No really, everything. Spain being a traditionally Catholic country observes Sunday as the holy day. Due to this almost everything is closed on Sunday. I heard about this when reading up on Sevilla but didn’t think it would be true. Don’t make that same mistake because it is, even supermarkets! However, it does make Sunday a great day to catch up on sleep, crank out that paper, or just explore the streets of Sevilla. Having that one free day to not be distracted really made a difference for me. It allowed me to recuperate after the week, spend time with my host family, or get ready for the next week ahead. It’s especially beneficial with all the traveling you’ll be doing!

How to Tapear

If you are in Sevilla, you are most definitely going to eat tapas. It is common to hop from tapa bar to tapa bar, hence the Spanish verb tapear. The group usually decides on a few tapas to split. Then once you finish your tapas and drink it’s onto the next bar. Some great Sevillian tapas I recommend are salmorejo, chiporones, espinacas con garbanzos, and patatas bravas. My favorite place to tapear was in my neighborhood, Los Remedios. It allowed me to connect with locals and learn more about the culture.

Like I said earlier, studying in Sevilla has been a dream. I truly could not speak any more highly of it. Sevilla’s rich Spanish culture makes it a great place to immerse yourself and learn. I hope these 3 things helped you learn a little bit more about Sevilla. If you find yourself living or visiting here feel free to reach out and contact me for more information or recommendations. Hasta luego!

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