Learning About Yourself by Colleen Brockwell

I have learned many things while being abroad, especially about myself and how I adapt to a new environment. While studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, I have realized how independent I really am. Along with how I can be quite outgoing person when I need to be, especially in social situations. I have learned to be a lot more open when meeting people since I have been fairly shy my entire life. I have made so many amazing friends from all over the U.S. (Oregon, California, Iowa, Minnesota, and so many more). I have also made friends from England, Sweden, Japan, Korea and China which has been so cool and amazing. Many of my classes have people from all over the U.S., other places in Europe but a lot of them are from Asia. The only way I am able to communicate with them is by speaking Spanish since they only really know their native language and Spanish. 

It is amazing how friendly people are from all over the world and has made me realize how diverse cultures are. I have learned about culture in China, Korea and Japan, about their families and what school is like there for them. They are also very interested in learning about me and my life which has been cool to hear how fascinated they are with my life. Since a place like Chinese culture is very strict and they are required to do different things, it has made me realize how grateful I am to be so free and given so many opportunities at Charleston. Along with my teachers who are so curious and also have taught me so much. Which has made me realize that going abroad alone without knowing anyone is the best decision I could have made for my time abroad.   

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