Heading to Barcelona by Libby Feruck

Hello, my name is Libby Feruck and I am a junior studying Communications at The College of Charleston. For the current spring semester, I am studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain through the CEA affiliate program. I chose to study abroad in Barcelona because of the countless number of friends I had that studied here before me. Everyone I talked to absolutely raved about Barcelona, which influenced my decision in studying abroad here. So far, I have set a couple of goals to fulfill during my time here. First, I decided on taking a Spanish course this semester in order to truly dive into the Spanish culture. By the end of the semester, my goal is to be able to effectively communicate with native Spanish speakers whether it be at restaurants, shops, or the metro station. In doing this, I will further my understanding of the Spanish language and develop a more fluent way of speaking. Second, I want to say yes to almost every opportunity that comes my way. By doing this, I will gain a more enriching experience abroad. Third, I want to branch out and do things alone while in Barcelona. My roommate, Lily Kate Conneff, is my best friend from The College of Charleston and we both want to try new experiences alone throughout the semester. This will both help us assimilate with the culture, experience different things we want to do, and further our independence.

Lastly, I want to travel to at least seven other areas or countries throughout the semester. Since I have been here, I have traveled to Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands, which have both been incredible experiences. We are planning several more trips including Madrid, Greece, Mallorca, Paris, London, Morocco, and Croatia. Hopefully, we will be able to cross all of those places off our list before the semester ends. Before arriving in Barcelona, I did a decent amount of research on the culture, community, and geographical location. I also talked to many friends that studied abroad in Barcelona before, which was extremely helpful and eye-opening. Many friends sent me documents with recommendations for restaurants, shopping, excursions, and places to visit. After doing research and talking with various friends, I felt very prepared to study abroad for an entire semester in a foreign country. I am so glad I decided to study abroad because it has already been a life-changing experience.

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