Goodbye France by Sally Ott

It’s hard to believe that my time in France is coming to an end. Exams and language certification tests aren’t far and the US has been on my mind!

Thinking back on some of my favorite experiences while studying at La Rochelle, the university’s pop chorus is definitely towards the top of the list. I joined the chorus at the beginning of the semester in hopes to make french friends and practice singing/speaking in French, and my expectations were definitely met! Each session is a lot of fun, and all of the students get into the music. The songs are mainly in English, but the instructions are given in french so I’m not too disappointed. We’ve sang Prince, Beyonce, Imagine Dragons and even a song that the director of the group wrote. The group has been an opportunity for me to express myself and see into how french people enjoy making music together. It’s made me aware that most french people listen to American or English music, even if they don’t understand all the words. A huge plus from the group is that I have also made three really great friends that have totally changed my experience here! Each week, we share a meal, go to the chorus and then hang out afterwards. All that to say, I’m super grateful that I took the choice to join a school group!

Following my experiences here within music, art, traveling and language, I’ve learned that I really value cultural activities. Throughout my six months in France, my career choices have been on my mind. I’ve had ideas of maybe teaching English in France or even doing a master’s degree to teach French in the United States. It’s become obvious to me that I want to have a career that helps people and that involves a type of education. I’ve also fallen in love with the French culture, no matter how cliche that may sound. I love the sensation of communicating in another language and discovering aspects of a country everyday. I can envision myself here for my career, but all that will depend on my perspective when I return to the United States. This experience has been nothing but learning and growing as a person, and I’m excited to return back home to refine my perspective even further.    

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