Saying Goodbye to Paris by Anna Rowe

Saying goodbye to Paris was one of the hardest ones I have had to do. Even more so than saying goodbye to my dog when I first left for college. It is a magnificent city with its own way of living. The architecture makes up the beauty of the city. The old charm and rich history actually reminds me a bit of Charleston! Right before we left Paris, we had a quick train ride to Geneva, Switzerland. The mountains are exactly what you see in pictures, just more grand in person. The train ride to Geneva was beautiful, we rode along mountains and lakes. Even though I am not a Public Health major, it was amazing that I was able to visit the WHO organization, especially in the atmosphere we are in today. It was fascinating to learn what exactly the organization does and how it is structured so that every country is equally represented. During the same day as the WHO tour, we listened to a presentation from the UN, specifically the Economic Network of Geneva. This three hour long presentation was filled with thorough information and engaging speakers. It was riveting to hear people who are actively working to change the world and how they plan on doing it. Overall, my experience in Geneva, Switzerland opened up a whole new understanding and appreciation for my fellow students at CofC who are continuing their path as Public Health majors. The students that I am on the program with could very likely be the next person at the WHO organization that will create policies to better the health of society.

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