Once in a Lifetime Opportunity by Daylon Murphy

This once in a lifetime opportunity has opened my eyes to so many new things. One of the biggest things I have learned about myself is taking the time to slow down.

In Spain, especially in Trujillo people are not quick to rush life. It is meant to be enjoyed and spread out rather than how fast can I finish. This is attributed greatly to how I have been able to pick up on language. My primary thought was I needed to be perfect, learn as fast as possible without mistakes. As I have grown in my time here I am learning that some of my best skills come from mistakes. I have been able to push myself into ordering first at a restaurant, talking with locals, and even starting conversation at the dinner table. All of these things together have helped my language skills flourish. Above all that leaning on my peers to help me rather than to work against me. My times I have walked into shops with friends and had stronger conversations with them by my side. Where as before I always assumed I would be judged on my mistakes rather than my accomplishments. With a group like the one I’m currently traveling with I have never been more excited to try something new. As I take the next step into this journey and have been able to find comfort in the day to day, I hope to challenge myself more. We have been able to go on these major explorations of other surrounding towns such as Granada, Cáceres, or Sevilla. In these town I am able to introduce myself to a whole new set of people who don’t know where I’m from or how far along my language skills are. I believe one of the most important things to remember on any study abroad trip is it is meant to be challenging. Set yourself up to reach your goals and further because your experience at the end of the day will be that much better. 

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