Strasbourg, France by Lauren Graham

It is hard for me to believe that I have been living in Germany for the past two months. Time feels different when you are living on the other side of the world in a completely new environment. My biggest concern is making sure that I am using my time. While it is impossible for me to do everything, I have spent most of my free time exploring Europe with my new international friends. I am extremely lucky to have found such great friends to travel and spend time with.

Recently, I traveled to Strasbourg, France where I walked the historic quarter of Le Petite France. There is a river that goes through this part of the city and there are houses, shops, and restaurants that go for miles down both sides. I love how walkable most cities in Europe are because it reminds me of Charleston. This trip was extremely special to me because it included one of my best friends from home, Julia Minaian CofC class 2021. I loved being able to introduce Julia to my new international friends and share the things I have learned since I have been living in Aalen.

Le Petite France

We went inside the Strasbourg Cathedrale and I noticed how intricate the details were in every part of the architecture and design. I have really enjoyed visiting as many churches as I can because they all are so unique and the gold inside is overwhelming. The cathedral was in a very concentrated part of the city, so we walked all around and explored all of the shops. I have managed to shop at Zara in every city I have visited. Strasbourg is very close to the French and German border, so many aspects of the city’s design are similar to the German style. It was very interesting to see both German and French buildings right by each other.

Inside Strasbourg Cathedrale
Outside Strasbourg Cathedrale Pictured Left to Right: Andre (Germany), Philip (Portugal), Me (USA), Marius (Germany), Julia (USA)

On this trip, I had the best croissant of my entire life. It was hard for me to come back to Germany, where I previously thought the bread was amazing, after eating a croissant that was so soft and perfect. In Charleston, I used to never eat bread, but I have adapted to the European diet which consists of eating bread with every meal.

Being abroad has shown me that I am far more independent than I previously thought, and the world is absolutely mine for the taking. I have learned so much about myself while living in Germany. I miss my home in Charleston, but I know it will be waiting for me once my European tour comes to an end.

A Cafe in Strausbourg Pictured Left to Right: Julia (USA) , Marie (France), Me (USA), Ann-Sophie (France), Adele (France)

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