La Rochelle, France by Kathleen Trainor

My name is Kathleen Trainor, and I am beginning my junior year at the College of Charleston. Currently I am completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in French Language and Culture. In order to finish my minor in the fall 2019 semester, I decided to study abroad in La Rochelle, France, with a CofC faculty-led program. There were many factors that made this program appeal to me, but the most prominent would be the level of support from the College during the semester. Many other programs helped students get to their country but left them mostly on their own. I wanted a program that would allow me to feel comfortable with my decision, and aid me in managing my class transfers, travel, and the entire process in general. As someone who is traveling abroad for the first time, I felt in control every step of the way with CofC’s help.

The main goal I’ve step for my time abroad is to finish my Honors Immersed project for the Honors College. I plan to write a detailed paper in French about the Huguenot movement from La Rochelle to Charleston, focusing on a particular family. I know this paper will allow me to gain an in depth understanding of this movement and its impact on French culture. 

Most of the research I have done about France includes its culture, especially food culture. I really enjoy the French mindset of eating with intention and as a social activity. I am hoping to meet new friends over long meals. Another aspect I’ve looked into is the different places to travel, and I wanted to have a general itinerary planned for my semester. I feel that I have too many aspirations to travel and less intention to focus on school. However, traveling in a new country builds knowledge of the world and introduces you to new people and ideas. I am sure this semester is going to teach me a lot about myself and my ideas, and I am looking forward to every moment!

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