A Little Friday Afternoon Yoga With President Hsu

Who knew yoga could be so fun!  Well that is the assessment by 30 or so persons that joined in for a yoga session presented by CRS on behalf of President Hsu.  Who can argue that the location at the Cistern with the shadows starting to fall from the large oaks, the perfect crispness of fall weather, and one standout yoga instructor all combined to make a special event for those in attendance.

Many participants joined Hsu’s Crew with a commemorative t-shirt and a special pose  dedicated to President Hsu to wrap up the session.  Hope you get a chance to attend another one before the Thanksgiving break.

Student participating in Friday yoga at the Cistern.
A few more photos of the event can be found at: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHF4i5ipfT-/?hl=en


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