Alley Cats Do It Again

These Cats were “purrfect” again! They become the first squad to win back-to-back titles in the faculty and staff bowling league, one that started back in the fall of 2011.  Ten or so teams battle each semester for the right to claim the championship trophy.  There must be  something to hoisting that gold pin that keeps our teams coming back.

Jen Stevens, the captain of the Alley Cats, is an avid participant as are all of the faculty and staff who enjoy spending their early Friday evenings in this low-key, but exceptionally fun atmosphere.  What made last Friday especially memorable for Jen, in addition to the hard earned win over the Chemistry Department’s entry the Atom Smashers, was rolling her personal best and incidentally the league’s highest 3-game series of the year.

Fac/Staff Bowling — Insider’s View


The Alley Cats from left to right: Liza Wood, Erika Hoffman, Aaron Holly, Brendan Laubner, Jen Stevens, Ryan Saffa, Ken Grimmage, Robyn Olejniczak, Miriah Stieglitz, and  Cam Saleeby.  Not pictured: Mat Garrison and Stephanie Smith.


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