Sport Club Captain Highlights: Michael Casarona, Golf Club

Michael Casarona
Senior, Business Administration
Princeton Junction, N.J.

Intensity of Club   ✭✭✰✰✰

Our club is a very relaxed and social club, however, we are trying to get a competitive team started which would be a more intense faction of the club

How did you get involved with golf?

I started playing at a young age with my dad and got into competitive golf in my early teens.

Club Accomplishments

Our proudest club accomplishment is our team bond.  We are a close knit group always looking to add new faces.    We welcome everyone to come out and join the team! We make no cuts (except for our competitive team) and we are all just golfers trying to have fun!


Practice is held at  Patriots Point Links. Our Club in the past has traveled to Hilton Head, Fripp Island, and Columbia for competitions and trips. We hope to make a trip to Myrtle Beach this semester!

What you’ve learned from golf?

Patience and perseverance. The hardest part is trying not to get frustrated because golf is a very hard game!


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