No Car, No Problem for Team International-ness!

by: Nadia Klincewicz

College of Charleston’s intramural outdoor soccer teams have shown a lot of talent this past season, but one in particular stands out amongst the rest.  While all the teams are out there playing soccer, team “Internationalness” is out there playing football.  As you could have guessed by their team name, this team consists entirely of international students from all around the world.   The team has players from Italy, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, England and Brazil.  From cultural differences to language barriers Internationalness triumphs adversities to become one on the field.  Team captain Stefano Mich explains, “We are all really competitive when it comes to Soccer.  In Europe you’re born and grow up with the football.”  This group of guys met at CofC Orientation and have clicked ever since.  No obstacles can get in the way of these students’ love for the game.  For this team, no car is no problem.  The team takes public transportation to each game.  They take advantage of CARTA bus to The Yard that they can get on using their Cougar Cards for free.  Many of the players were comparing Charleston’s public transportation system to Europe’s, making it clear that our systems are not up to par. Nevertheless, team Internationalness managed to bear the bus and prove themselves on the field.  Although the differences in each of these team members are clear, their (4-0) record shows that their uniqueness pulls them together to play as one team.  Hopefully we will see their success continue through the next semester in indoor soccer.


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