Sport Club Captain Highlights: Adam Lea, Watersports

Adam Lea
Senior, Finance
Greenville, SC

How did you get involved with water sports?

“I’ve always been into wakeboarding and found out about the club through the school website, contacted the president at the time, and the rest is history.”

Biggest Club Accomplishment

“We landed 4th out of about 20 Colleges on the Collegiate Cable Series last year.”

What does Watersports club mean to you?

“For wakeboarding, discipline and complex problem solving skills. Behind every trick there are some technical aspects that make it all possible. Being able to wrap your mind around them really help you land new tricks.  It also has taught me to do what you enjoy doing, nobody is out here making you paddle board or surf, so I really try to just embrace the moment and do what makes me happy.”

Words to Aspiring Club Members

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to any other member, everyone is welcoming and willing to help you progress to the next level. It’s really what you make it. We give you the resources to get as crazy as you would like on the water.  We have tripled our number of members this year. By recreating our budget and operating system we were able to make the dues more reasonable for everyone.”

Interesting Fact

“This past week the streets of Charleston, SC flooded. A few alumni have access to a winch system and decided to build some rails in the street. A few other club members and I met up with them to enjoy a quick downtown wakeboard session.”

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Post made by:  Nadia Klincewicz, CRS Social Media Coordinator

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