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College Composting

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A formal composting program at the College of Charleston began in the spring of 2014. While the Grounds Department had been composting for some time, it wasn’t until an initiative was established that a program was formed and composting opportunities opened to offices around campus and members of the College community. The program aims to provide an upcycling of nutrients, an increase in organic matter, a healthy soil restoration process, and empowerment to individuals to partake in composting and growing their own food.

The Grounds Department collects compostable items from local businesses and the campus community, including restaurants, coffee shops, departments, offices, students, faculty, and staff members. The department values carbon neutral compost collection and avoids using fossil fuels in their composting process. The compost is used for garden sites on campus as well as local growers.



Currently, the College collects from Collective Coffee, Christophe’s artisan Chocolatier, Circes Grotto, Aramark coffee grounds, the Office of Sustainability, the second floor of the Lightsey Center (Career Services, Registrar’s Office, Center for Civic Engagement, Academic Advising), and from compost drop-off donations from students, faculty, and staff members. Designated drop off days for compostable items are held every Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 45 Coming Street.

To learn more about the composing program and other initiatives from the Grounds Department, visit grounds.cofc.edu.

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