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Innovative Technology for Innovative Instructors

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A subset of the Office of Information Technology, Teaching, Learning, and Technology helps faculty integrate technology into pedagogy, assessment, and research. In other words, TLT provides instructional design and educational technology support.

Have you ever wanted to incorporate technology into the classroom? Look no further than TLT.

Recently, TLT launched a Tutorial and Mobile Apps site. Consider it a 24/7 digital resource, housing instructional videos, how-to guides, and recommended applications for instructional use. A few of the resources include walking you through setting up a blog, teaching you how to utilize Turning Point Audience Response System, and providing a best practices guide for getting the most out of OAKS, the College’s Learning Management System.

If TLT doesn’t provide a guide or tutorial for your specific need, simply submit a request by contacting the office. They will work to have one developed and posted in a timely manner.

Besides providing guidance, TLT offers an equipment checkout program. College faculty can borrow iPads, Mac laptops, Dell laptops, digital cameras, iPods, video cameras, projectors, microphones, webcams and more. For a full list of equipment available, visit the TLT checkout page. Contact your instructional technologist or complete a Loaner Equipment Request form to reserve an item.

Having access to tutorials and equipment is great, but you might be thinking, “How do I incorporate technology in my classroom?” Lucky for you, TLT offers drop-in support, training sessions, one-on-one consultation, and the Faculty Technology Institute.

Small-group training sessions are offered on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a specific training session, check the TLT training calendar. If you feel more comfortable in a non-group setting, try a one-on-one consultation. The hands-on sessions for faculty can be held in offices, the Faculty Technology Center, or classrooms.

Faculty members learn how to incorporate iPads in their classroom during the Faculty Technology Institute.

The mission of the Faculty Technology Institute is to assist faculty in developing pedagogically-effective uses of technology. The sessions are held on campus over the summer. Faculty walk away with an understanding of how technology can enhance their current approach to teaching and learning, learn how technology can facilitate the incorporation of new approaches to teaching and learning, and acquire the skills needed to effectively implement changes in their courses. Applications to participate in FTI will be accepted in early spring.

Teaching, Learning,and Technology have exciting new initiatives in the works. Want to stay in the loop? Their blog serves as a great resource and is updated regularly. Try subscribing to their blog to have the posts automatically sent to your inbox. Also, try following TLT on Twitter @TLTcofc. If Twitter isn’t your thing, make sure to check out their Flickr account to see photographs from training sessions and events. As previously mentioned, the Tutorial and Mobile Apps site is an excellent resource, updated on a weekly basis.

Happy learning and may the technology be with you.

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