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Reconnect With Your Nature

I cannot say I am a big fan of tedious tasks. This being said, the idea of going through numerous self-reflective assignments aligned with my own professional identity sounds quite torturous. And after completing the “Flower Exercise,” located in Richard N. Bolles What Color Is Your Parachute? I cannot deny the torturous nature of completing […]

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Life’s a Garden, So Dig It!

Prior to attempting the Flower Exercise in Richard N. Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute, I imagined that I was going to fly right through each of the seven petals in a rather joyful manner. I soon quickly realized that I found the exercises of deciding what I don’t want to be somewhat frustrating, as […]

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Hell Flower

I’ve never been one for “busy-work.” There’s a fine line between the useless and the tedious. As someone who enjoys embroidery, I understand the value of patient, deliberate work. Nevertheless, I found creating my personal “Flower”—writing for whom, with whom, where, why, and for how much I’ll work—to be like counting grains of rice before […]

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Tending My Flower

While exploring the flower in my mind, I honestly did not discover anything too new. I did, however, gain a greater understanding of my interests. Each petal within this exercise from Richard N. Bolles What Color Is Your Parachute? explores a different important aspect of one’s career and life. The seven petals cover my favorite […]

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Reflections on Flower Petals

Having recently become quite concerned with determining the color of my parachute, I’ve decided to discuss here the process of working through Richard N. Bolles’ so-called “Flower Exercise.” For those who are unfamiliar, the Flower Exercise is a seven-part series of worksheets and thought experiments designed to help one determine various elements of themselves that […]

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