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Discovering Passions with Harlan Greene

On the third floor of the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library, archivist Harlan Greene can be found in the Special Collections Department. My initial interest in interviewing Harlan was based on the simple job description that he worked in an archive. As this is a profession that I’ve considered looking into post-graduation, I was excited […]

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Isabel Gardett: An English Major Doesn’t Have to Be a Teacher

Isabel (Marie) Gardett graduated from the College of Charleston not only with a BA but also a MA in English. She later received a Ph.D. in English, specializing in rhetoric and writing, from the University of Utah. Throughout and after her path of higher education, she experienced many career shifts, from instructing college courses, writing […]

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Colleen Etman: PhD Candidate

As a former science scholar turned English major, the story of Colleen Etman resonated with me far beyond our shared experience as students at The College of Charleston. During our conversation, Colleen exposed the reality of being a liberal arts student whose path was anything but linear. As a mathlete in high school, Colleen entered […]

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Tina Cundari, English Major

After talking to a friend in an English class about her part job to earn some side money while attending the College of Charleston, Tina Cundari applied for a paralegal position while also earning her English degree. Richard N. Bolles in What Color is Your Parachute? (2022) states that you should choose a degree “because […]

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Aurora Harris: English Major to Nonprofit Leader

All too often, English majors are—unfairly and incorrectly—written off as unemployable. As academic Benjamin Schmidt puts it, “The difference between humanities majors and science majors, in median income and unemployment, seems to be no more than the difference between residents of Virginia and North Carolina.” And yet, our society continues to question both the value […]

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