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Wings of Charleston


On Friday Night, October 3rd I decided go to the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery on East bay Street to see the work of Robin Joseph, who is there featured Artist of the Month.  The Opening of her exhibit entitled ‘Wings of Charleston’, which featured a series of paintings of southern birds, coincided with the French Quarter Art walk. This was my first time on the Art walk and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The idea for the many small Art houses in the area to all provide small events at the same time, allowing the many art enthusiasts’ of Charleston to see there exhibitions and possibly buy there works seems to me a great idea. Not only for marketing but also for the fuelling of a growing art community in Charleston.

The event itself was extremely crowded and I have to say that this somewhat took away from the experience of seeing the peaces themselves. But I was extremely taken by Ms Joseph’s work, and by the work of the many other artists featured in the gallery.  The setting for the exhibit is a wonderful little gallery in the French quarter; from my experience there I can see that it could be a great place to visit on a quieter occasion. Over all I would certainly recommend both a visit to the Charleston Artist Guilds Gallery and to the French Quarter Art walk.