The Who’s “Tommy!”

The Who’s “Tommy” was a fantastic musical with flashing lights, choreographed group numbers.  “Tommy” tells the story of a young boy who loses his senses of sight, hearing, and speech when he witnessed his father shoot his mother’s lover.  As the story goes on, his parents try everything to help him regain his senses to no avail.  Throughout his adolescence he developed a knack for pinball, which helps him gain popularity.  The turning point in the play, is when his mother smashes the mirror in which he viewed the crime.  After she smashes the mirror Tommy regains all of his senses.


thought that The Who’s“Tommy” was a great musical.  Somethings could have used some work.  There were a lot of people on the stage, which made the story line hard to follow.  There were a lot of moving boxes, which made the stage seem a little cluttered.  Overall it was a great play.  The majority of the audience members were college students, as a lot of classes require you to attend school sponsored plays.

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