In English courses, it’s easy to let a day’s lecture and class discussion go by without taking note.  It all seems fresh while the conversation unfolds, but we so easily forget as we move to the next class, the next day, the next week.  In these weekly ClassWrap posts, I will offer a thoughtful reflection on what happened in class during a given week.  My overview will necessarily be partial, however, so part of your participation grade will involve your completion of at least one, <200-word follow-up comment in response to my ClassWrap posts.  Your comments could fill in gaps, unpack a quote, ask a question, note an illuminating tangent that I overlooked, or further reflect on the text(s) discussed that week.  Remember that you need to be signed in to the course website in order to submit a comment.

ClassWrap posts will offer a broad overview and highlight important key concepts (my hope is that your blog posts and ClassWrap comments will reflect upon the texts we read on a more detailed level via quotation and analysis).  The result will be a complete, collaborative set of notes that will help us study for the mid-term and final exams.

I will also include blog prompts at the end of each ClassWrap.

ClassWrap entries will be available each Saturday by Midnight.


[Please Comment on the Sunday directly following the ClassWarp posting]

Week 1: Cali
Week 2: Rachel, Sydney
Week 3: Crystal, Charles
Week 4: Joe, Marshall, Olivia
Week 5: Mia, Meaghan, Mary
Week 6: Tiffany, Jessica, Jared
Week 7: Sonam, Erica, Whit
Week 10: Katherine B, Morgan, Mallory
Week 11: Allison, Courtney
Week 12: Angela, Brendan,
Week 13: Katie O, Andrea
Week 14: John, Jamie

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