Those Things in Which I Take Pleasure

Among the things which pleases me greatly are cups of tea especially among friends and during the cold winter months.  One not only receives energy from the caffeine, but gains a sense of companionship and well being from the communal act of steeping and sharing hot tea.  Besides this, I take great pleasure in dunnies, vinyl records, socks, pottery, and rare instruments, such as the hammer dulcimer.

I enjoy sailing a little and surfing very much.  In my younger years I was very devoted to surfing but find my time consumed by other activities of late.  I miss surfing a great deal but am comforted by the fact that I know I will pick it up again one day.

Above all, music gives me extraordinary satisfaction.  Listening to music soothes my soul and brings great pleasure to my heart but not as much as actually playing instruments especially with others.  The act of creating music with others is one of the most intimate and satisfying acts one can do.  I prefer the guitar but enjoy the madolin, piano, hammer dulcimer, banjo, bass, and drums as well.  Each different instrument has the ability to pluck at a separate parts of the soul and teach one about that aspect of his or her self.

In the Brooklyn musicians, Sufjan Stevens and Akron/Family, I find great delight.

I prefer companionship to solitude, as life is better lived with someone to share it with.  How can one’s experiences have any meaning without someone there to share in the experience?  While a said experience might bring great satisfaction to one’s self, it is more enjoyable if one can relate that experience with another and share in each other’s own interpretations of the event.  Truly learned men tend to bore me and leave the taste of pretentiousness and self righteousness in my mouth.  I do not say this because I demean scholarship, rather I embrace scholarship if it leads one to understand other people and love people more.  Other people do not waste my time but bring enjoyment to my days and help me to learn more about my self.

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